Daein Kang / 강대인

Furniture and Sculpture artist

Email ︎︎︎ Kangdain032@gmail.com
Social media (IG) ︎︎︎ dain_dd 

Born in the lively city of Seoul and currently finding artistic inspiration in the captivating realm of Helsinki, Daein Kang modestly wields the most fundamental materials, wood and metal, to explore the delicate balance between furniture and sculpture.

His work delves into the concept of space, a construct shaped by human cognition, and seeks to unravel the primal essence of human needs through the expressive medium of furniture and objects, offering a glimpse into the depths of his soul through form and physicality.

Humbly rooted in a philosophy woven from product design, interior architecture, spatial design, and furniture design, Daein Kang embraces the integral nature of his creations. His chair like small-scale of architecture, embodies his architectural ethos, while his sculptures delicately engage with social phenomena. Valuing not only physical inspiration but also the mental stimulation derived from beholding objects, he channels this essence into his designs with a spirit of reverence and expression.

Selected Exhibition

Feb 2024 / Stockholm Furniture Fair  [Green house 2024]  
May 2023 / Milan Furniture fair [Salone Satellite 2023]
Dec 2022 / Budapest Design week [Design Without Borders]
Tuesday Jan 9 2024