Single chair type for museum (2023)

W : 400 mm
H : 850 mm

Birch Veneer / Rectangular steel tubing

Siipichair is a chair crafted from birch veneer that showcases the strength and flexibility of veneers made from extreme angles.

Architectural principle

Adopting an architectural perspective, the object significantly incorporates and accentuates the space itoccupies. Rather than exhibiting a concentrated form, the chair dissolves into transparent elements thatseemingly necessitate continuation or repetition. The chair’s shape, characterized by the arrangement of elements and the void between two lines, generates a distinct visual impression in the side view, allowing the observer’s gaze to seamlessly transition to the next chair and extend further towards the room’s boundaries.

Consequently, the entire architectural space is activated through expansive and tranquil movements. Ultimately, the object transcends traditional constraints to establish cohesion not only in the technical and aesthetic aspects of furniture design but also in the focused presentation of artworks. This distinctive form serves as a prominent component in understanding how the chosen material and technique systematically exploit the tension between sculptural and architectural facets, with increasing deliberation in a specific spatial context.

Sculptural principle

As a sculptural concept, this structure exhibits both suppleness and flexibility, accommodating a diverse range of visitors. Its presence within the space exudes a natural dignity, often causing observers to overlook the original conception and experience of this furniture. The underlying principle is intimately connected to the sculptural approach, necessitating movement within the space surrounding the object, which stands autonomously, emanating a concentrated force.

As an integral component of the museum’s collection, the object should possess a concise form characterized by exquisite angles, nonparallel lines, and a relaxed structure that simultaneously fosters comfort and a subtle tension, directing attention towards the displayed artworks.

Conversely, the form actively engages with and expands the surrounding space, resulting in a concentrated effect accentuated by its distinct shape. Exhibiting rhythmic vitality, the chair endeavors to extend outward from its center while simultaneously consolidating its inherent directionality. This dynamic interplay may serve to guide the audience towards the artwork or welcome the user as a sculpture, distinguished by its unassuming yet intuitive form.

Siipi chair (2023)

Pair of Siipi

Type 1 ( 11 T of seat )

Type 2 ( 9T of seat )

Linakble system -> bench type

Three different tickness of seat (9T/11T/10T)

Siipi chairs with table


Siipi chairs in EMMA museum -> More pictures (click!)

Tuesday Jan 9 2024