Standing floor lamp type

500 x 1200
Larch with metal plate

The confusion of the visual properties of wood and metal through light reflection

Wood and metal, as primary materials, have distinct properties from each other. The reflection of light between the two materials creates confusion for the observer, as the light repeats numerous reflections in the space between them.  The spotlight reflects on the top metal DISC and returns to the wood, giving the surface a metallic appearance. Additionally, the light that passes through the middle hole reflects on the third metal DISC and hits the tree again, making it appear as if the two materials are one.

Through the properties of light, the line between the two physical properties is blurred. The DISC lamp is an excellent example of how architectural structures and elements can convey the language between furniture and sculpture to the audience through the physical properties of light. The lamp can be easily separated and adjusted in height using only steel threads and nuts.

Light and Shadow

The interplay of light and material can create a unique visual experience that blurs the line between two materials, as seen in the DISC lamp. The light is reflected and spreads, creating a ring-shaped band on the floor. This type of circular ring has the power to gather people instinctively and creates a humble atmosphere. Users can design other mood lights by replacing the Disc according to the purpose, making it a versatile and customizable lighting option.

Tuesday Jan 9 2024