Primitive Ornaments

Sculptural works
Chair / Vessel / Table

Mild Flat steel, Birch

conceptural approach
Chairs, tables, and vessels serve as essential elements that fulfill fundamental human needs. These objects enrich the concept of 'family', which forms the cornerstone of human social groups.

Birth and the development of human essence are deeply intertwined with family dynamics, often symbolized by these three objects. Within the smallest societal unit, the family, individuals who cannot exist in isolation learn valuable lessons about human nature through the use of chairs, tables, and vessels.

Symbolically, these objects represent the moral norms that govern human interaction, emphasizing that one cannot simply choose any chair to sit on or consume only the food they desire.

Technical approachWood and iron, as some of the most ancient materials utilized by humanity, have endured through the ages. Beyond their physical properties, they are imbued with profound spiritual significance for humans.

In this artistic creation, wood is meticulously shaped and carved, while iron undergoes a process of forging burning and hammering, resulting in textures that reflect the deep interconnection between these materials and human existence.

Family of primitive ornaments ( chair/vessel/table)

Flat bar chair


Primitive vessel

Tuesday Jan 9 2024