Wooden Joint / structured by Daein Kang

The following wooden joint is crafted without the use of adhesives or screws. Each wooden beam features a cross-shaped groove, and, when necessary, a slightly longer beam may be employed.

This structure exemplifies how a single wooden joint can give rise to a diverse range of forms, at times transcending its utilitarian purpose to embody a sculptural quality. It occupies a space between furniture and sculpture, encapsulating both structural and artistic language.

Furthermore, it demonstrates a juxtaposition of mass production techniques using CNC machines with the artisanal craftsmanship of wood joinery. By diverging from the notion that mass-produced items lack uniqueness, users are able to express their individuality through the creation and utilization of their own distinctive structures. It exists as a sculpture inspired by the user, reflecting the inherent adaptability of its form.

Three wooden brick joinery (locking system)

Basic linkable structure
Stool and shelf type

Bench type / Table type
Tuesday Jan 9 2024